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Enter the underworld of Crim!
The Characters
Daya now has a bookSuperstore.
Farbela suggested the opening of a BookSuperstore, for all her students (and others too) be able to buy books to read.
Books are pleasing Neighbourhood cityzens.
After “fishbook” opening most of Neighbourhood citizens have spent their time reading and increasing their knowledge.
World News
Farbelas pupil dreams of becoming a musician
One of Farbelas pupils wanted very much to be a musician, but the maximum she could do to help was to give him a musician friend address.
Auction rules: When you put an article for Auction, the intention is to sell it, and that will happen unless there were no offerings. When you want to buy an item in an Auction you win if you had the better offering.
Dayas Hospital is now open!!
Is your personagem sick?
Don`t need to worry because we have an Hospital where you`ll be helped in taking care of your personagem.